Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How Vlogging Helps Me.

I guess it serves as a notepad to get ideas down right away. My audience used to be family and relatives, mainly home movies on DVD. With vlogging, the audience went global. This interweb thing is amazing. The cheap technology on Mac OS X helps greatly.

Writing, editing, and production is much easier now. My next photo/video project deals with impermanence, the passage of time, and age. I have to start with myself as a subject and branch out. My last home movie on DVD (79th Macy's Day Parade) is nice for giving to family and relatives, friends with kids, and all the clips are available from my vlog archive.

I talked to Jamal Shabazz in Nov. 2005 at a book signing. He said mental and physical preparation are important before approaching your subject. Jamel Shabazz has his subjects' rapport and you can tell by his photographs. Not only did he take their photographs but he talked to them first, gave them pictures, sat down and shared with them. He is a NYC retired Corrections Officer.

That's not the first time I heard of someone using your pictures to show people on the street before taking their photographs. Bruce Davidson is quoted in the NYT doing the same thing for his Subway photographs series. He introduces himself and then takes their picture. It makes perfect sense. People usually don't like strangers just taking pictures of them.

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