Sunday, November 20, 2005

Almost a perfect day.

I didn't get to take the last headshot I was supposed to photograph at my firehouse but I did get to go to Node 101 today. I visited their NYC location and spent 3 hours with Jay Dedman. This guy, along with the people at are extremely generous with their know-how in getting a video blog up. They are so dedicated to advancing video blogging and they hold nothing back.

Afterwards I attended a book signing at K&M Camera's 385 Broadway location. The following photographers were scheduled to appear: John Cohen, Larry Fink, Arthur Frank, Danny Lyon, Joseph Rodriguez, and Jamel Shabazz. Jamel Shabazz has his subjects' rapport and you can tell by his photographs. Not only did he take their photographs but he talked to them, gave them pictures, sat down and shared with them. He said mental and physical preparation are important before approaching your subject. "Love is the Message".

I'm moving my videos to my own server and I should get around to having a video feed by the end of this month. I have to contact my host during business hours via phone to resolve URL issues. I normally share home movies and photographs with family and friends using DVD's I snail mail to them. With a server up, I can share hi-resolution video and photographs without having go to the post office. It keeps my costs low and I can have the content updated quickly.

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