Saturday, October 29, 2005

Very busy, various little things.

I burned 12 out of 16 vlog feeds from my documentary. They were originally MP4's from a dvd, now I have the majority of them in mov format after importing and compressing thru iMovie. The picture aspect are funny now though for some arcane reason, they all look like they are stretched heightwise. Not a big deal for me. I used Handbrake to rip the unencoded DVD's into MP4's. Using Freelog.Org instructions, iMovie turned the MP4's into MOV's. I found out it won't import anything bigger than 2 GB unless it's cut up with Quicktime Pro. Maybe I'll get Final Cut Express. I'm happy with iLife 04 and Panther.

Friday, October 21, 2005

What day did the war start? -WW 2 interview

What day did the war start?

What happened to your friends and neighbors? - WW 2 interview

What happened to your friends and neighbors?

What was their (collaborators') justification? -WW 2 interview

What was their (collaborators') justification?

Did collaborators associate with anyone after WW II? -WW 2 interview

Did you know any war collaborators? I sat down and wrote these questions out in a specific order. My purpose was to build upon what was answered and to put the interviewee at ease. I am really interested in cause and effect. I also believe people have the incredible ability to accept challenge and "do it" for the team.

Did you know any war collaborators? -WW 2 interview

Did you know any war collaborators? I wanted to get to my point by first asking what and then asked for examples. In my case, I asked who were war collaborators and then asked if any were known. I didn't want to skirt around this issue.

Who were war collaborators? -WW 2 interview

Who were war collaborators? People have a hard time talking about personal grief and tragedy. Unless it does some good, some people would rather stay silent. I started documenting experiences in an effort share with relatives and friends.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Hand at Documentary interviews

I'm going to start a series of video posts of World War II survivors. I watched Shoah this past year. I had to sit down and formulate my own movie regarding unspeakable tragedies. I grew up around survivors from WW II's Pacific theatre.
So as a nod to Claude Lanzmann's very important work, I made my home movie to give to my interviewees and their children.

Shoah is available for rent on Netflix, if you are looking for it. was great help. I have to thank the people from especially Elizabeth Meister for answering my e-mail and turning me on to Storycorps' wonderful site.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is in two weeks and I won't be taking the night off. I'm working Halloween night this year, I won't have to worry about a costume or what to do after holding up the Spider Monkey puppet. This video was taken in 2000. I know this is lame not to post something fresh, but I want to get these out my system.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Being civilian is nice.

I served with some creepy people in the US Army. There are creeps everywhere, you just have to watch where you're going. Know your own limits and don't do anything your parents won't do (otherwise improve on what they would do).

My First Video

This is my first video post. I used iMovie4 and a Canon ZR60. Footage is from NYC.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Starting up a Video section has a tutorial on this. Signed up for some a free accounts, just gathering the video material. I'm behind a firewall, not sure why my uploads to the video archive is slow.

For now I have a Flickr slideshow

Anyone with iTunes should tune in to Modern Jazz. Really nice station, better than listening to the local FM channels.

First Post

I was not sure what to call this blog, I was thinking "Appointment with Infinity", after listening to Wayne Dyer. I then remembered a Benjamin Franklin quote-"...nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes." That's more moderate than talking about the Angel of Samarra and what happens when you die. Anyway to paraphrase a Buddhist saying, "if you can't help something, at least don't make it worse." I hope to achieve that.

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